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As a professional dog trainer and handler, Nancy Cronce, CPDT-KA offers certified dog training classes in your home and at her training facility in Virginia Beach. Dedicated to helping dog owners realize their pet's full potential, Nancy's specialized services include:


1 As an animal enthusiast, Nancy believes in positive training methods to get the best results as this benefits both you and your dog. Nancy’s number one goal is to help you to train your new puppy or adult dog and turn it into a well-mannered dog! See Nancy's full list of services, certifications and memberships.

Interested in becoming a certified dog trainer?


2 Are you ready for obedience classes that are fun? Training your dog does not have to be filled with leash corrections. That method was used if you trained 50 years ago. Lucky for your dog, those methods are outdated and replaced with science based training that is fun and effective. Classes & Schedules


3 We help your clients turn difficult dogs into into well-mannered puppies and dogs that are easier for you to handle for routine procedures thus creating a safer environment for you and your staff. Each veterinarian's and/or groomer's referral is treated with the utmost professionalism... Read More


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