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Nancy Cronce

Nancy Cronce, CPKT-KA

I, Nancy Cronce, CPDT-KA, owner of Applause 4 Educated Paws Dog Training, will help your clients train well-mannered puppies/dogs that will be easier for you to handle for routine procedures thus creating a safer environment for you and your staff.  Early intervention with typical puppy issues such as handling, housetraining and biting can be corrected before it leads into behavioral issues that would require the owner to relinquish the pet.

Puppies/dogs relinquished means that in most cases you have lost a client that could have been with you for years, and more often than not, the animal finds itself in a shelter with risk of being euthanized. This can cause financial burdens for all parties involved and more importantly heartbreak for owners who can no longer handle the problem, be it housetraining, biting, not coming when called, leash walking or aggression issues.

Veterinarians who require a trainer certified in the Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification will be in good hands. You can verify my qualifications through the following database at Purdue University at: behavior/pages/dogs/database.htm 

On the above website, my email is the same; however, my phone number has since been changed to 757-202-9393. In addition to holding the Dog Course Certification, I am a CPDT-KA.  The following information will help to explain that certification:

Phone: (855) DO-CERTIFY
Email: [email protected]
1350 Broadway Suite 1705
New York, NY 10018-0903

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers:
· Offers the only international, standardized certification for professional dog trainers that is both psychometrically sound and independent of any course of study.

· Reviews each certification exam regularly to ensure it remains up-to-date with the current scientific landscape of canine training. As our knowledge and understanding of behavioral science grows, the need and demand for trainers who have proved their knowledge and skills also grows. Our certificants meet that demand and fill that need.

· Promotes partnerships between our certificants and other qualified animal care professionals in their communities to ensure the optimum in training, behavioral and medical services for their clients’ canine companions.

· Is proud to provide animal care professionals and dog owners with a trusted, quality standard for dog training professionals.

As the founder of two successful companies serving the Hampton Roads area, I have excellent public relations skills. As a professional dog trainer, I have excellent training skills. That said, each veterinarian referral I receive is treated with the utmost professionalism complete with confidentiality for each family. On occasion with the owners’ permission, I will call to discuss a case I am working in order to make sure all training goals are being met. I work with several Veterinarians in the Hampton Roads area with great success and hope to work with your clinic in the near future.

~ Nancy Cronce, CPDT-KA

Classes for Dog Trainers

Nancy Cronce

Nancy Cronce, CPDT-KA

I have been helping to train local dog trainers since March of 2005. As a mentor for the college, I allow students to observe my classes, train a dog with me, and help me teach my classes once they have passed the online portion of their schooling. After eighteen weeks with me, they will volunteer at a shelter for a few weeks and begin making their way into this rewarding industry. As with any profession, learning must always be occurring.

As the creator of two successful companies in the Hampton Roads area, I am available to help the new dog trainer build their company through marketing ideas or by offering additional dog training skills/class ideas that will help their business grow. This program is only for dog trainers who hold a dog training certification.

In addition to students I have worked with through the Animal Behavior College, I will consult with dog trainers holding approved dog training certifications that can be found at Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

For more information on becoming a dog trainer, visit the Animal Behavior College website.

~ Nancy Cronce, CPDT-KA

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