Our Puppy Training Services Begin in Your Home

puppy stealing paperApplause 4 Educated Paws training begins as soon as your new puppy comes home. Puppies that are not fully vaccinated can begin learning because the first part is done in the safety of your home. Seeing the floor plan of each home also allows for assistance with crate placement as well as house training challenges.

This creative approach to training puppies has, at last, given puppy owners the help they need as puppy-hood developmental stages begin to clash with everyday family life. House training, puppy biting, compliance to commands, are just a few of the puppy challenges that we can help you with. The most pertinent goal is setting a solid foundation with puppy manners that create a family companion that will be welcome in the home and out in public areas.

Call for pricing .  Phone or Text 757-202-9393 Serving Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and parts of NC

Too busy to train your puppy. I can help. This program is located in  Sunbury,NC  


 *Note: If you have received conflictig advice on when to start your puppy in class, please refer to these links below and discuss these findings with your veterinarian.

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

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Training  Adult Dogs: (For dogs 5 months and older )
Call for Pricing .  Serving Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and parts of NC

Call  or text Nancy at 757-202-9393 

We train  in your home so we can address any behavioral concerns that are unique to your living area. Total one-on-one time is 3 hours. First in home visit  is one hour. Each follow up visit is 30 min. and meets once a week until the 3 hours have been met.


For Families with Young Children, New Parents or Babies On the Way baby clip art

Nancy has spent over 35 years working with children. As a former Gymboree instructor and the owner/instructor of A Mobile Gym Tumbebus, Nancy has a great deal of experience working with young children and families. When this certification became available, it was only logical that Nancy would be the first to bring the National Dog and Stork Program and Dog and Baby programs (now  known as  Family Paws and Parent Education to Virginia Beach, VA.  If you are expecting your first baby or find it difficult to have a toddler around your dog, help is available to make the transition easier for dog and family.  Time is of the essence.   call  or text Nancy at 757-202-9393 


Tuition:  $350.00 -$495.00 based on location .( We service North Carolina , Suffolk and Chesapeake Va)  Tuition covers 3 hrs of instruction ( five home visits). The first visit is one hour followed by four half hour sessions.
Call  or text Nancy at 757-202-9393 


Topic Classes 

attention For dogs that  need work on one or two areas. The most common problems are, jumping, leash walking, recalls.

Tuition for one topic is $175.00 ( 1 hr)

Grumpy Canine ( After one-on-one work )  call  or text Nancy at 757-202-9393

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